Thursday, March 3, 2011

Surprise, I am still alive and posting

Amber is so funny. Just because she flew the coop and started her own blog she doesn't think I will continue on without her, Ha look at this!!!! I had a fabulous little trip to see landon and erica and tanner and marissa in Wisconsin last month. While there I got the card bug and made about 20. It stayed with me when I came home and i made 20 more. I felt so guilty (cause I didn't do much of anything else) but it was so fun. That creative bug just comes and goes and you gotta just run with it when it comes. Amber made me take pictures. Course I had a little help from Erica and Marissa. Fun times.

I put a little money pocket inside since most of my wedding cards hold money. Kinda fun.


~Amber jo~ said...

these are so cute. mama you're so crafty. :) but i'm glad your creative phase has past, it was very time consuming. haha

Mindy said...

O those look so good! I am so impressed!

Marissa said...

you blogged! I am so very proud of you :) You are going to be passing me up pretty soon. It was so fun having you here and even more fun coming home to see you all! Cant wait to play again